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    Re: Free Agent Visits have all but Stopped

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    Peterson is still floating around, as is several other role player types...we should be able to get players to fill holes even AFTER the NFL remember that players DO get cut in training camp, so we should be fine...remember how late we picked up Kluwe (and look at how that turned out)!

    Plus, Childress must see something in the players that he inherited (EJ, DT and Raonall at LB; Liewinski, Goldberg, Herrera at G; Marcus Johnson at OT; Offord at SS)...we just have to trust that he wants to win and that he is a better evaluator of talent than we are. Be will come.
    If he sees something in those losers, we're screwed. It doesn't matter how dumb Cottrell was, for two reasons:

    1) He's probably irrevocably screwed them up.
    2) So far, they haven't even shown a glimmer of promise for being smart enough to start in a Cover 2 defense.

    Man, I thought this offseason was going to be great. It's only going to get worse with each day we putz around like this.

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    Re: Free Agent Visits have all but Stopped

    "Prophet" wrote:
    LMAO, just making a point. You titled the thread 'free agent visits have all but stopped.' I knew what you meant, just being a smartass.

    Stop with the impatience. There have been signing by the Vikes and there will be more. They're buzzing at Winter Park, you can guarantee that.
    yeah, we've overpaid for average players so far. Good work front office. How's about we get an above average player with our league leading cap room? Hutch would be great but that's not a guarantee yet. Peterson would be great since our linebacking core needs help. But we haven't even scheduled a visit with him. We should at least meet with him and see if something can be worked out. I mean if nothing else, i'd rather overpay for an above-average player than an average player.
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