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    Free Agent Linebackers

    Isnt Peter Boulware a FA next year? I would love to have him! Who else would be available in the offseason?

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    Free Agent Linebackers

    I was just about to start a topic on the free agency. I want to know what defensive players are going to be available.

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    Free Agent Linebackers

    There are quite a few CB's that will be FA, like Gary Baxter from the ravens, Fred Smoot from the redskins, Both of the Titans CB's will also be free agents.

    I was looking at DT's and one guy i would really like to see play along side Keven Williams is Kelly Greg, be a beast in the run game. In 2003 he had 80 tackles from the defensive tackle position, hes a straight animal. Another guy i really fork the money to, (literally) is Shaun Rogers from the lions (if he hasn't got an extentsion). This guys a beast also, him and kevin williams would make the best DT tandem in the league by far. We would be feared. Corey Simon from the eagles is also a free agent at the end of the season. Some of these guys may have got extenstions throughout the season but i'm not positive.

    Peter Boulware will be a FA , hes 30 but we need that experience at LB. Will Witherspoon from the panthers will be a FA too. David Thorton from the Colts had 140 tackles as a sophmore in the NFL. He will also be a FA.

    As for safety, Donovin Darius is a FA, hes a beast but i dont see him leaving Jacksonville. Adrian Wilson from the cardinals will be a FA. Dwight Smith from the Bucs will be a FA. Theres many more but these are the top guys.

    I would love to see one of the DT's i talked about in our line up next year. As for LB's and CB's we'll just have to wait and see.

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