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    Free Agency wish list

    First of all our needs are...WR, DT, LB's, CB's & OL.

    I would go after 3 needs in FA. WR=Jennings over Wallace & then OL & CB.

    I would even give up our 1st round pick that we got from Seattle to use for a trade to get Victor Cruz.

    There are some good CB's out there in FA along with OL that won't break our budget.

    The draft is deep in DT's & I think we can get a solid receiver in the draft as well.

    Then we could go DT with our first pick.

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    What doesn't this team need?

    They need several WR's.

    They need a few LB's.

    They need a couple CB's, and a couple S's.

    They need help on both lines

    They need a viable "backup" QB so when Ponder gets hurt of sucks ass, the offense can hopefully keep moving.

    This team is hurting right now big time.

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    How i see our needs:

    BIG-time needs:

    Would-be-nice upgrades
    backup RB
    FB (If Felton doesn't come back)


    How we go about that?

    After the recent cuts, we've got a pretty decent chunk of cap to work with.

    Think 2005. We signed Pat, Winfield, Sharper, Leber, we can manage something like that again.

    Solving our problems:

    1. Work trade for Cruz involving NOT a first rounder. Failing that, sign Jennings
    2. Sign a second-tier WR like Gibson or Amendola based on what we get on objective #1
    3. Sign Dashon Goldson to replace Sanford/Raymond. Relegate them to backup duty
    4. Sign Dunta Robinson or similar at corner
    5. Re-sign Felton
    6. Re-sign Loadholt
    7. Find a LB or three(including draft picks) (not sure who exactly's on the market, Maualuga perhaps?)
    8. Sign a veteran backup who is capable of actually playing (not Curtis Painter)
    9. get a scat-type RB(Toby's gotta go)
    10. Trade Toby

    Problem solved.

    The top few will be tough, as we're signing 2 big name players and a third key starter. We have the space to spread those cap hits out, and I don't think there are a ton of expensive re-signs coming up in the next couple years. (Allen and KW, I'm sure one of those two don't come back once their contract's up)

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    1) WR: Danario Alexander and someone else. I'm not sure who. Someone coming off of a solid season for a relatively low price. Donald Jones, Donny Avery, Brandon Gibson. Someone like that. I'd even consider Braylon Edwards. He made Sanchez look pretty good a few times, I think he could make Ponder look similar.

    I don't want to give a 1st for Cruz or pay either Wallace(no more strikethrough? anyway Wallace signed in Miami) or Jennings. Jennings I'd consider if the price is right, but I suspect it won't be. I want to draft a WR with one of our first rounders, but that's for another thread.

    2) Corner: Keenan Lewis, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Sean Smith would all be solid pick ups. Asomugha if he's willing to take a third of what the Eagles gave him.

    3) Linebacker: I know we need one or more, but I'm not sure who we should go after. I've always like Keith Brooking, but he has a hard time staying healthy. Most of the other free agent outside linebackers are pass rushers more suited for 3-4 systems. I'd also like to draft an inside linebacker, since there are seriously limited options in free agency.

    4) Safety: Kenny Phillips, Louis Delmas or Glover Quinn would be good pickups. Dashon Goldson would be awesome, but I don't know how much I trust his cover skills.

    5) An interior defensive lineman: Alan Branch, Mike Devito, Glenn Dorsey, Terrance Knighton would all be acceptable fits. Another position we should draft at too.

    6) An interior offensive lineman to replace Charlie Johnson: Louis Vazquez or Donald Thomas(signed with Indianapolis) from New England. Vazquez would be kind of pricey, and Thomas is mostly unproven.

    7) Veteran QB Competition for Ponder: I really have no clue who. Edit: Maybe Fitzpatrick? Bills just cut him.
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    How about this for a wish list, win a f'n SB in my lifetime. I am 35, I am sure that will be hard for this franchise to do, but at least try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VikesfaninWis View Post
    How about this for a wish list, win a f'n SB in my lifetime.
    Amen. Although that is probably on the back burner for 5-6 years unless we do it this year. But we do get a shiny new stadium, which to the majority of Vikings fans is more important than a Super Bowl.


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