Got this from various twitter sources, KFAN, Tom Pellisero from ESPN and such.

Frazier on todays press conference:
"As dire as it might seem, I think we're on the verge of turning this around"

"based on the 4 games this season, we're not planning on changing our quarterback"

"There was much more consistency in some of his throws.

"We’re not at a point where we’re making a quarterback change."

Frazier on evaluating young players for 2012. "I don’t think we’re at that point at all. So, that’s not on my radar.


The thing is, we just played one of the worst teams in the league and we lost..

Our Quarterback has had 4 games where he has had the chance to win all four games and he has done it zero times.

We are in a division with the only two 4-0 teams in the NFL..

I think he is being pretty dillusional, the season is pretty much done and in order to get to the playoffs we almost have to win the rest of our games, which includes 3 games versus current 4-0 teams, Oakland, New Orleans, Carolina, Atlanta, Plus two games vs the Bears.. We have a tough schedule in my eyes..

Time for change..

I also think playing at home vs Arizona would be a good place to give Ponder the debut, winable game vs a good but not great opponent.