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    Quote Originally Posted by singersp View Post
    Learning from who? McNabb for all of 2011 & who knows in 2012?

    When they made the move from McNabb to Ponder, you were all for it. I don't recall you clamoring that Ponder should sit & learn & they need to bring in another vet.

    When they made thedecision to start Ponder in 2012, you were all for it strutting like a peacock & beaming over how well you thought he'd do. I don't recall you clamoring that Ponder should sit & learn & they need to bring in another vet.

    Just last week when we played the Packers, it was you clamoring to put in MBT. "Hey coach, what about MBT?". At no time ever did you state that they made the right decision to keep MBT on the bench so he could learn by watching for 3+ years.

    He's been learning for 2 years & starting consecutively in all but 6 regular season games.

    It's happening more & more because of two things;

    1. College ball is becoming more like professional ball all the time. Passing is a huge part of their game now. Years back it was the RB's who got the most of the touches & passes were in the minority, not the majority.

    2. Coaches are better at preparing their QB's & grooming them to the point that the transition to the NFL isn't as drastic as it once was.

    So if you feel that out of all the rookie QB's who started their 1st year, only Matt Ryan has been successful, tell us again why Ponder is so different from all those others who weren't.

    So if you feel that Newton, Sanchez, Stafford & Bradford are either close to being done or well on their way to being done because they were made starters in their rookie year rather than learn from the bench, tell us again why we should continue down that same path with Ponder.
    How can you read my stuff and be so far off.

    I said nothing of the sort. My point (let me color it for you) is that even though a few young QB's have initial success they eventually start to struggle with Ryan being the best one of late, but let him lose this game and that will quickly turn on him.

    Like Dalton and the Bengals, the Falcons made serious moves to solidify the weapons around Ryan and he still hasn't put it up to the next level until this year and thats more because he has 2 stud receivers that put up 1100 or 1200 a peice with 10 or 12 TD's a piece not to mention his TE.

    No way in hell Ponder looks the way he does (nor would any young QB) with weapons like that around him.

    In the end, he will progress, like all QB's that eventually make it, but even when he is to the point were you think he's figured it all out, he will turn around and make a mistake. They all do, regardless of how much time they've been playing.

    I can't make my point any simpler than that for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger View Post
    Perhaps, although you should consider that the rookie salaries are much more reasonable now than they were just a few years ago.

    Also consider that Dalton has regressed, Eli Manning did sit on the bench in NY before starting, Kaepernick sat behind Alex Smith for a year and a half, and that Luck and RGIII are considered amazing, amazing prospects. Luck was considered the best quarterback prospect since Manning, who was the best since Elway.

    Can rookie QBs succeed? Certainly. However, it should be taken on a case by case basis. Not everybody matures to the game along the same timeline.
    Marr said they shouldn't see the field for 3 years. Every one I mentioned played before that time. Agreed or do you want to contest that statement?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marrdro View Post
    How can you read my stuff and be so far off.
    I'm not off. Go back & reread your stuff. What you have in your head & what you type are two different things.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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