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Les is living in a dream world. The fact of the matter is Ponder has been exposed. Teams study film and find the weakness in the qb play. Teams have found the way to defend Ponder is to take away the flats and the short passing game from him. If you notice Ponder rarely uses the middle of the field. Why? Because he does not have the confidence in his arm to throw in small windows. Teams see this.
I agree, but at this point we do not know how much of this is Ponder's confidence and how much is Musgrave's scheme. I see Ponder go through progressions to see covered receivers in weak patterns.

I wish I had real game film to see what is really going on. Television coverage gets worse each season. I thought 1080p HD, with the wide screen, would help more, but the cameras just went in with tighter shots. It would be great if each game was on two channels: one with a full wide view, and one with the regular television close up view.