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Why is the noodle becoming a popular nickname? hahaa
Because he looked like he was trying to skip stones to receivers on Thursday versus throwing footballs?

Because my 3 year old could have thrown the ball with more velocity then he was on Thursday?

Because Joe Montana throwing the ball into the parking lot in the commercial would have been better than Brett Favre underthrowing the deep routes by 10 yards on Thursday?

Favre may have lacked accuracy, and he may have been rusty with his WR timing, but he was throwing LASERS.

First pass to Shank. LASER
Berrian's drop. LASER
The TD pass to Shank. LASER
Pass behind Greg Lewis. LASER
Pass in front of Harvin. LASER
Camarillo's catch. LASER
Camarillo's drop. LASER



I've seen like 5 different people call him "Noodle" it's the most dumb and most unwarranted nickname ever given to anyone
I take umbrage with that comment. Just because its thrown hard doesn't make it a good throw. Alot of guys running around can throw it hard. TJ throws harder than he does, by all accounts. Its all about accuracy.

Hell, he even got picked in his new bluejeans commerical for cripes sake.
Yes, it is all about accuracy. I admit that in the previous post. However, does the term "noodle" slight his accuracy? No. It slights his arm strength. Since Favre has shown tons of arm strength, V4L is right. "Noodle" is "the most dumb and most unwarranted nickname ever given to anyone."

If you want to give him a more accurate nickname, that slights his accuracy, or age, or rust, by all means go for it.


The original uninspired use of "Noodle" was meant to disparage Favre's arm strength due to his injury affected performances with the Jets. Further, the tag was hung by a board member who claimed he would become a Bengals fan if Favre signed here.

As it turns out, neither claim was accurate. Favre's surgically repaired arm helped him - and our team - to a Pro-Bowl season, one that almost culminated in a Superbowl. And HWOMB is not cheering for the Bengals (And if he were, I wonder what derisive name he would have hung on T.O.?).

So, despite the inaccuracy of the moniker, and the derision with which it was assigned, there are a handful of unoriginal and thought-challenged individuals who still throw it out there... apparently to be funny. It would seem that none of those people recognize the value of the player they derisively disparage...despite virtually ALL of them claiming that we are a better team for having Favre here...

But, it is a free country. If you choose to continue using a moniker that is inaccurate, unwarranted, and generally moronic, feel free. Just don't expect me - or many others - to find you clever, wise, or insightful.