I can't help but think of Jim Caldwell when I see Frazier but I some how think Leslie is a better coach that said I don't think he's going to last. Frazier has had to play some tough cards, lockout, new salary cap, a team who's future home is up in the air (lack of some stability), suspect oline, wr limitations and a QB mess but he did get AD, JA, Kwill and a few other strong contibutors....But the one card he has his own finger prints on is that Tampa 2 defense, bend don't break and how many years has it been that they've had problems dealing with tighends....Monday night football and the Patriots didn't even bother to run at all just nickle and dime the defense and chew up those zones with short passes, leading the Steeler in the dome at home and the 4 quarter Heath Miller was it like 3 straight plays. Sure it was Tomlin's defense he took over with Childress at the top but it still looked the same when the Lions started chewing up the yards with Pettigrew, wearing down the defense the busting out some big runs and megatron....but before we get another coach this team needs a home for stability and a proper GM.