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    There is no denying the fact that Childress left the team in a bad spot, but then again there is no evidence Frazier is capable of doing the things necessary to turn the team around. Personally I don't think Frazier is as good as Childress was and the front office that we had under Childress hasn't changed so I am not expecting to see things get any better.
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    Look at the team Frazier inherited, it was riddled with issues from the beginning. We had no QB, a broken OL, one WR (who's really nothing more than a slot), damaged/physically inadequet DB's and who could forget he has almost no money to work with. Childress ran this team to the ground single handedly, you can't fix a team like Minnesota in one season. If Frazier were really such a bad coach, how did he lead Minnesota to having the top rated defense three years in a row? He was the one calling the shots then, and he was the one that got things done as he will now. He needs time to work with however, it not like a little glue will fix this. It isn't a broken chair he's putting back together, its a team.
    Not sure about you... But I thought our defense underachieved when Frazier was DC. With the run defense dominating we should have had a way better defense with more turnovers forced. Our secondary was always bottom half of the league due to the schemes and the vanilla approach on defense. Playing soft zone coverage when we should have been switching it up with man where Ced and Winfield excelled. Not sure we wouldn't have been a better defense with a more creative guy coaching the defense.

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    I have now moved Frazier to a spreadsheet previously only used by Marrdro for Brett Favre.

    He is killing the franchise.

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