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Thought of the day?
What's up with the Poison Pill in Hutch's contract?
Something about being the "highest paid guy on the OL?"
Could we end up poisoning ourselves?
Or was that only for the first year?

But Suggs has lobbied and won an upgrade toward the DE average, and Ray's previous contract size means he gets a 20% raise, since that would be higher than the average of the top LBs.
Bart Scott is good too...tough times for the Ravens FO.
I think Ray has to go, kind of like Birk and Sharper, they're still good, but someone else can likely pay them more.
NO WAY they let Ray Ray go... are you serious??
didn't you hear their GM come out and say they will do whatever it takes to sign him and will pay him ALOT of money!!...

You don't let the leader of your team/defense go.. esp. a player like Ray!
Its like letting Peyton Manning go.
I highly doubt it will ever happen.
Or Jared Allen, Brett Favre, Randy Moss, Drew Brees, Kurt Warner,
not even close.
Peyton Manning is in his prime still, he is unquestionably the leader of that team.
His performance can either positively or negatively affect his team.

Brees doesn't come close, He's fantastic, but whe he was released from the chargers, he was good, but nowhere at the level he's at now.

Jared Allen was traded, as he wanted out, the cheifs were terrible, Allen had no shot.
MAnning already has a ring, the colts are always contenders with him.
Manning can make a team good, Allen can't.
Brett Favre whined his way out
Moss's production depends on the qb's play.
He can't control anything
Warner was crap untill one season.

none of them even come cose to comparing
All I'm saying is teams make tough decisions every year and franchise type players switch teams. Situations change.
If the colts have a horrible year, they might start thinking about rebuilding, and without Dungy, Peyton might want to leave someday.
Do the Ravens really want to handicap there entire team by giving one player 15% of their team salary, forcing them to cut 3 or 4 other players that are valuable to the team?
Stranger things have happened. You can never say never. Joe Montana was released or traded from the 49ers and he is considered the greatest of all time by many.

But did Montana have the same effect on his team that Manning did?
IMO, if Manning continues on for another 6 years or so, he will without a doubt go down as the greatest of all time.
He will shatter all of Favres records, except the INT record, He's essentially the gameday OC, it seems Moore's just there for guidance.

Manning will never go anywhere else, write it down, Ray Lewis is highly, highly unlikely.


THANK YOU... a voice or reason.... Manning isnt' going anywhere... (although, i don't know about shatter all favre's records).. and neither is Ray... they are both in their primes and playing at very high levels.. not to mention their leadership.. .no way either of them are on the decline at this point...

besides you forget to mention that Steve Young was the backup and had already won league MVP when they shipped Montana out of town!


I fully believe Manning will beat Favres records.
so far, Manning has thrown over 4000 yards in 9 of his 11 seasons.
Favre has only had 5 4000 yards seasons in his career

Manning has thrown over 25 td's in all 11 seasons
Favre only has 10 25 5d seasons in his career.

favre has 6 20+ int seasons
Manning only has 2

If Manning sticks around as long as Favre did, he will undoubtedly own all of favres records.
The toughest one for him to break will be the consecutive starts record, that is a truly unbelievable record that may never be broken. Doesn't matter how good, or healthy, or conditioned you are, sooner or later you are gonna be injured while playing football.
The TD and yardage numbers will likely be broken by several players in the next 20 years.