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When the Eagles have to make a move with either McNabb or Vick, you then will see the next Viking QB.
Chiller loves to take the fruit that falls off the Eagle tree.

Vick baby
How does anyone think Vick will be a starting QB ever again?
He's so bad that Reid has only had him throw 6 times in 4 games of which he completed 2 for 6yds total, giving him a QB rating of 42.

As for Vick being a great runner... he's had 9 rushing attempts for 22 yds a 2.4 avg.

He's about a good a weapon as a plastic spork against a tank.

He's a piece of trash and I doubt he'll ever start at QB in the NFL unless all the other QB's are hurt.
Don't give me crap about Vick being McNabb's backup, that's just PR in hopes to fool people that the Eagles didn't made a HORRIBLE mistake.
No way they put Vick out there when Kolb has a 89 rating and can get the job done.
Judging a player based on 6 pass and 9 rushing attempts is silly.
I don't know what the futures holds for Vick, but let's not overstate his failures this year.
Vicks career passer rating is 75.6, Kolbs is 68.9. For his career Vick has average 7.2ypc, Kolb -.1.
Here we go again....the job of the QB is not to "carry" the ball, it's to "throw" the ball. And Vick's career "throwing" average is horribly mediocre.

But he's fast.

Since his stay in the big house there is probably no way to convert him to a Tight End so he is likely stuck at QB.