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    We are all rejoicing, were beatin on the cheeseheads!

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    Who do you think is the Viking's franchise player?

    The most obvious case is Moss. Look at him he's the most talented wide receiver to ever go deep. More talent than Rice. He has the speed 4.1, he has the size 6'2, and he definetly has the hands. The knock on him before was his committment to the game. This year it looks like that problem has gone away. The problem is that no wide receiver would do it by himdelf. Rice didn't, they all need someone to throw to them and take the pressure off them.

    The next cantidate is Daunte Culpepper. He has the skills to be one of the greats. I'm not saying that caz Im a vikes fan either. He is 6'5, 250 pounds and what he does at that size is unbelievable. He is the fastest quarterback next to Vick. And no McNabb isn;t faster than Culpepper. Him and Vick also throw the deepest ball in the league.(Sorry packer fans, Favre aint one of them). He also holds the college record for completion percentage. Over Steve Young.

    But the Franchise player for the Vikings is none other than Michael Bennett. You can look at this player, just look at his eyes and you know he's destined to be great. He is the fastest player in the NFL. He's faster than Vick without question. Ask Vick see what he says. The only people telling us who's faster is the media. I wonder why? The first thing a runner needs is speed. He's got that. He had trouble with his vision of seeing the holes, but that will improve only with time like Faulk. He can break tackles as good as anyone his size. His hands are decent. His agility is amazing, seeing the way he can dodge defenders without them even touching him. It also doesn't hurt that he is running behind the best center in football and the soon to be greatest left tackle in NFL history. Bennett is the one that will once again carry the Vikings to Glory

    Franchise players? 1. Bennett 2. Culpepper. 3. Moss
    4. McKinnie 5. EJ Henderson

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