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    FOX Sports

    Anyone watching the fox pregame show and the blasphamy that these idiots are speaking. This is disgusting, I may stop watching Fox altogether after hearing this crap. Jimmy Johnson just likes to talk out of his ass, who hired this man. Then they are trying to say that the reason that Culpepper get hassled a couple years back is because people in MN are racist??? This is outragous, we in MN didn't like Culpepper because he had more turnovers himself than any other team had. Get these fools off the air, all of them have taken far too many hits and have gone partially retarded. I may never watch Fox again, thank god for Sunday Ticket.

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    FOX Sports

    Actually, it is true what they talked about and Tice mentioned it.

    What they are saying, is its not just here, but black QB's in general get hassled more than the white.

    It was a fair assessment, and I thought Tice had balls to mention it and the FOX guys to back up what could have been a controversial statement from Tice. Remember Reusse wrote about it as well last year and people poo-pooed him then. Sad thing is there are idiots everywhere.

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    FOX Sports

    That group on Fox is the most disgraceful, unfunny, and just plain ridiculous assemblage of reporters/commentatators I have seen in watching football for over 30 years now.

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    FOX Sports

    I thought the part that would PO everyone is when Jimmy was talking about what a good idea it would be for Red to move the Vikes to LA.


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    FOX Sports

    ESPN this morning had nothing but praise for his growth and acomplishments

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