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    Re: Fowler/L.A. Vikings?

    "briboy75" wrote:
    From vikings updates web site:

    A couple of interesting Reggie Fowler contacts have been made in recent weeks. One is with Dan Rooney, the owners of the Steelers and a strong supporter of NFL diversity. The other is with a fact-finding leader on getting a stadium deal in Los Angeles. Take both for what they?re worth.
    If the Vikes move well I live in AZ that would be not be cool. But I would go EVERY weekend and watch them play.

    The rigors of Spartan life. Leonidas is cast out into the wild, and survives the harsh winter to return to his home, when he is crowned King ....a Viking!


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    Re: Fowler/L.A. Vikings?

    Vikings is the only hope for all the Minnesotans, Dakotans,, and all those packer and bears fans who secretly root for Vikings knowing packers/bears can never do any proud to Midwest, it would be a cruelty to ppl of Midwest to see Vikes move to Cali......ok but seriously, it would suck to see Vikes in cali, after seeing Moss in Cali...
    SKOL VIkes and MN!!

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    L.A. Vikings?

    Somebody mentioned Minneapolis and other Minnesota television markets becoming Packer game outlets once the Vikings move to LA area. I had to laugh imagining the reaction. It will burn a lot of people the wroong way. Moving vans at midnight or would it be like the non reaction of the North Stars leaving?

    Packer fans have to be enjoying the prospect of them no longer being the smallest media market. My father remembers the days when Packer country extended from Dakotas to Michigan UP.

    Wow, the NFL would have the Vikings and the Packers in bigger media markets.

    Is this part of the NFL plan? Someone with money in LA will fund a stadium. This could really be somthing.

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    Re: Fowler/L.A. Vikings?

    Just because 33 is an odd number doesn't neccesarily mean there will never be an expansion team. For much of the NFLs lifetime there have been a bumber of teams that didn't divide nicely into even divisions.

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