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    Forward Latteral TD??

    "TheAnimal93" wrote:
    now if the player that fumbled, recovered the ball it would have come back, unless he got up and caught it in the air. if it hit the ground and rolled out of the end zone it would have been a touchback like the other one. cannot advance a fumble to the zone if you are that player. the ol fumble- ruskie play!! unless they changed it recently. but that was correct call i do believe.
    I think that if he fumbled into the EZ and then recovered, it would be a TD.

    Jackyl, thanks for seconding that.

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    Forward Latteral TD??

    I personally think there was no wrong call on the play, no matter how much I wish there was. However, I do think they should take precaution in the future after seeing that. They should make a rule that if a fumble is made, unless it is behind the line of scrimage then it cannot be advanced by the team that fumbled it. In other words, that play would have been downed wherever the guy got hit (where the ball came loose). But the defensive team can pick up the ball and advance it.

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    Forward Latteral TD??

    That play - dumb luck as it was - was perfectly legal and called correctly.

    Yeah, it was a fluke. Yeah, it was a "Oh my God...not in a million years" play.

    Yeah, we'll be seeing that one on replays for a year.

    But, it was legal.

    He fumbled, he didn't throw, pitch, or lateral. It was completely unintentional...and completely mind boggling.

    Sometimes, it's better to be lucky than good.


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