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Thread: Former Vikes

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    Former Vikes

    I coach youth football; most all of you know that.

    The head coach of our team played TE for Michigan State in the late 80's and early 90's. He was pretty good from what I have been able to dredge up. He had Jim Miller as a QB (yes, the Miller with the Bears).

    I was looking through some of the Viking Alums and noticed that Hassan Jones and Carlos Jenkins both went the MSU at the same time. So, today after basketball we all went out to eat and I asked him about them. He was suprised I knew who they were in the first place. He said Hassan was just an animal in college and was a hitter.

    Also, when he (my friend) was a freshman TE Jenkins was a senior OLB and he always had to block Jenkins at practice and that Jenkins had the longest arms of anybody he had ever met. With him being a freshman and Carlos a senior, he said it was not very fun.

    I thought that this was kinda neat and just wanted to share it with you guys/gals.

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    Re: Former Vikes

    Cool!!! One of my good buddies played HS football with Steve Beurlein...and he said that Beurlein was pretty cool as a teammate, not arrogant, even though he was being very highly recruited at the time. My buddy was All-State in California but was too slow to catch on at a D-I university (even though he did try to walk-on at Cal).

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    Re: Former Vikes

    That's cool. One of those "small world" things.

    Along the same lines, Chris Doleman who played for the Vikes went to William Penn High School, which is in my home city of York. The band Live is also from that school.

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