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    Foley talks much, says little

    Posted on Fri, Mar. 03, 2006

    [size=18px]Foley talks much, says little[/size]

    Pioneer Press

    Fran Foley, the Vikings' new vice president of player personnel, gets to his Winter Park office at 6:30 a.m. and many days doesn't leave until 10 p.m. He's a self-admitted "grinder," much like new coach Brad Childress.

    So with the free-agent market expected to open Monday, it's safe to assume Foley has prepared his team to spend. But only for value, he said.
    "We're not going to overpay," he said Thursday. "There's got to be value."

    Indications are that the Vikings for once will be proactive early in free agency, especially with the team about $24 million under the salary cap and owner Zygi Wilf busy lobbying the state Legislature for a new stadium.

    Foley seems like an honorable guy, so you believe him when he says he won't lie about his plans. But that doesn't mean he'll tell the truth, either.

    What it means is that little information will be coming out of his office.
    Will the Vikings, desperate for a featured running back, bid on free agent Shaun Alexander, the league MVP from Seattle?

    "Can't comment ," Foley said. "He's under contract."

    Asked about four-time Pro Bowl center Matt Birk, who insists he has recovered from hip surgery that kept him out last season, Foley said, "All the medical reports on him are good."

    Birk, 29, under contract for $3.94 million next season, was missed last year.

    But are the Vikings, just in case, in the market for a center?
    "We're trying to accumulate as many people at every position in terms of depth," Foley said.

    As for the Vikings' chances of striking early in free agency, Foley said: "There are so many variables. You've got to be careful in that an agent could drive up the price. That's why you can't overpay. We have a plan in place."

    That plan will remain in-house. Foley said he, Childress and Rob Brzezinski, the Vikings' triangle of authority, have worked well together, adding that Wilf is the final authority.

    ) It should be a full house when Childress speaks at the Dunkers civic breakfast Wednesday at the Minneapolis Club.

    Charley Walters' column appears Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. He can be reached at [email protected]

    Foley talks much, says little

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    Re: Foley talks much, says little

    I love the fact that the local media up there are getting "iced" out !!! Seriously, it really tickles me the right way. They have been ripping on the Vikes for sooo long, f-them and their stories ... now they dont have shiat to report during the offseason till it happens.

    This is the way this organization should be run. Eagles, Pats, etc. operate the same way.

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