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Thread: Floop The WCO

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    Floop The WCO

    With all this talk about Childress being from the Walsh coaching tree, and how we run the WCO here in Minnesota, I don't believe it. We do not run the West Coast Offense. We might borrow the terminology and a couple of the ideas, but our gameplan's are always built around running a modified Erhardt-Perkins "Smasmouth" offensive system.

    "wikipedia" wrote:
    This offense uses "the run to set up the pass" via play-action passing (a somewhat newer concept), faking the run in order to throw deep downfield when the defense is least expecting it, usually when the defense slides down a safety for run support. Power offenses must be very patient in their approach and philosophy, and are most effective when complimented by a dominating defense that keeps the opponent from scoring. Power Football allows the team to control the ball for longer periods of time, denying the opposing offense opportunities to score. It is sometimes referred to as "three yards and a cloud of dust" football.
    Our biggest weakness on offense last year was not having someone who can stretch the defense (while also being able to catch a ball), and that should not be a huge problem in a WCO. When we need someone that can get open deep, its not because we are running 3 step drops and slant routes, its because we are pounding the ball and using the play action.

    And why should we run a WCO? Because of our lightning sharp quarterback? Because of our talented receivers? Because of our offensive line's stellar pass blocking? No. Our team is built for the exact opposite. We should, and do, run a running based "Smashmouth" offense, NOT a "West Coast Offense".

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    Re: Floop The WCO

    i said this in the booty prepared tread.
    we don't run the WCO; we run the KAO.

    silly rabbit, tricks are for kids

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    Re: Floop The WCO

    "seaniemck7" wrote:
    i said this in the booty prepared tread.
    we don't run the WCO; we run the KAO.

    silly rabbit, tricks are for kids
    It's a modified version of the BGO (Bud Grant Offense)...Walsh copied it from Bud.

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    Re: Floop The WCO

    I guess for me you would have to convince me into believing that someone really runs a true version of the original WCO.
    The advent of the Cover 2 has caused it to morph into a myriad of versions.

    A couple of threads on this that are worth reading with lots of links in them.

    Long story short, I do believe we run the WCO and I believe we will be very effective doing it this year because of the players we have on the team fit the variation that we run.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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