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Ah! But when did they improve?

All we here from Favre camp is "He didn't play well because he was injured & throwing like pooh the past 5 games". So lets look at that RB breakdown;


1st 11 games: 4.4YPC, TD: 0.8/game
last 5 games: 5.0 YPC, TD: 0.8/game



1st 11 games: 5.5YPC, TD: 0.4/game
last 5 games: 7.4 YPC, TD: 0.4/game

It seems to me that these RB's did much better when Favre was injured, than when he was healthy.

Let's also not forget that Kellen Clemens, not Pennington started 8 of those games in 2007.

Let's also not forget that;

75% of Favre's passes were thrown for 10 yards or less. (50% 0-10 yards, 25% behind the LOS)

Only 4% of Favre's passes were thrown for 30+ yards & his completion % was only 17.4%. Those passes netted only 2 TD's all year. 5 of those or 22% were intercepted.

With that said, it's clearly evident that Favre is no longer the long ball threat that he once was & teams are quickly picking up on this, if they haven't already.

With 75% of his passes going for 10 yards or less & AD as our RB, I don't see where teams are going to start pulling that 8th man out of the box. With 8 men in the box, you can still cover that 10 yard zone.
Did I ever tell you how much I like how you use stats big fella........ ;D :-* ;D

Just keeps getting better.........
Come on Marr,
You know better. In those "stats" do we see the defenses that they plaed the last 5 weeks? Were they some of the leagues worst run stoping teams? What wrinkles to the offenses were added the last 5 weeks?

Singers and you hate for Lord Favre makes you look like the two old guys on the muppets.
Can't see the vid but I am sure it would crack me up.

Besides, hate is such an ugly word. How about Loathing, Detestation, Aversion........