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    First win for the Vikings?

    "bleedpurple" wrote:
    All I know is that no matter who we play..when we get to the playoffs noone will want to play US....that for shigidy sho!
    Shigidy sho?
    Alright, I'm in. I'm with you.
    Skol and shigidy sho Vikings....


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    Del Rio Guest

    First win for the Vikings?

    "XTAP59" wrote:
    "Del Rio" wrote:
    I could care less about beating teams with winning records it doesn't mean anything to me at all.
    No, it wouldn't mean anything to you. Or me. We are the fans. But it does give the confidence boost to the team if they beat a playoff team like the packers who have a winning record.

    That's just it I don't think it effects them at all I think it isn't even something they care about. Why would it be? The only people who pay that any attention is the Media. Or someone trying to reach and stretch for justification for his team being better then another team.

    I guess a perfect example will be Miami. They are one of the worst teams in the NFL they beat one of the best. Will that carry over into this weeks game?

    Not that I'm arguing your wrong its just a matter of opinion.

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