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    First Post...Swinging for the baggie!!

    Hello fellow Norsemen! First time to this board, but long time Viking fan from middle Tennessee. Never been to Minnesota but traveled to see the Purple in Memphis, Atlanta(2), Tampa, Miami and of course here in Nashville. Not a bandwagon began in the mid-70s when as a child I started feeling sorry for the team who was the underdog to the Steelers and Cowboys of that era. Stayed loyal ever since and even the hometown Titans haven't budged my alliegence. So allow me the following spiel I wrote yesterday before having to wait for board admittance and know it comes from someone who is serious and has put some thought into it:

    First of all, don't worry about a jinx. I've been bumping a thread similar to this on message board all year so the jinx didn't happen.

    My point is 16-0 is not out of the realm of possibility.

    One thing that has to happen for 16-0 is favorable schedule. Vikings have some tough games but they are ALL at HOME!

    Denver, Chiefs, Giants, Packers, Seahawks. Five very tough games but again, all will be in the Dome. Take them one at a time and they're all winnable.

    (Other home game is Lions. A.K.A. you guys are going to have some great matchups to watch up there!)

    Win those 5 and that leaves roadies to SanDiego,Oakland,StLouis,Chicago,Arizona.

    The Vikings, as they are playing now, will be favorites in every game remaining this year!

    Also I like the psychology being administered by coaches. Usually a team will slip up after a big win at some point in a given season - but Tice and Co. seem very keen at not allowing this. Another reason to think it's possible. Probable? No. But at least it makes you wonder if.....

    Again, hope I don't scare anyone but I’m too far from Minnesota for any type of jinx to have an effect! []

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    First Post...Swinging for the baggie!!

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