Our team simply was uninspired! EXCEPTION: Proabbly the oldest guy on the team Johnson! Only player I saw all night who played with heart and emotion?!??!?!? Threee reasons we lost, period! Sharper playing like an individual a: roughing the passer on a third a long that would of been a 3 and out to keep a drive alive!!! b: Sharper playing back and lax on the deep down and in that went for a TD for them and he misplayed both receiver and ball should have been either an INT or a killer hit I believe on Clayton? c: #38 who has no busy in the secondary after getting burned the way he did on that 1st play of the 4th quarter. I read all of the "official" post threads you guys saw it on tv but the bottom line is we didn t want it enuf it was cold wet rainy and misty all night and the Ravens crowd made our boys/fans back in the dome sound like a bunch of HS cheerleaders... We DID get some pressure on Boller this night we DID do a very good job on run derfense YET it was our secondary who on several 3rd and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONGS were unable to break up plays/passes... We do and did an excellent job on the short passsing game but it was our safetys who were nowhere to be found mosy=t of the night! JMHO I love em and YES the season will be a success IF WE do away with the bears despite our PO hopes being erased! Why look at what we have overcome and the THREE huge injuries at the or during the season I am proud of MOST of my boys BUT it was dejavue for me in that the same kinda outcome was the result much like the redskins game I was lucky enuf to attend last year!?!?!? We would have IF gotten in simply backedour way in MAYBE NEXT YEAR!?? As far as Tice I am not sure he hasn t been able to get us where we are As one Raven fan said last night Can you spell "Bud Grant" It hurt soo badly to have to ignore him and leave the game with two minutes to play so as not to be harassed by al the drunk Baltimore faithful! JMHO Comments similar or in disagreement???