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    "snowinapril" wrote:
    [size=18px]Speaking of Fumbles[/size]

    Did you see the fumble on MNF that the Refs totally missed?

    The ball was knocked out and back. The opposing team landed on it and the refs didn't even see it happen. They must have thought that the ball came out after he hit the ground. The ball never even made it to the point where the returner landed and the Ref comes in and marks the ball with his foot. The ball wasn't even there. It was never there.

    The funny thing is that the coaches didn't even see it, no one even knew to challenge it. The guy that covered it didn't even make a big deal about it. But it reallt was a fumble, NO QUESTION ABOUT IT.
    Again, the NFL wants certain teams to win and the Eagles are one of them. Last night was a perfect example on how a referee came change the outcome of a game. That non call on the fumble was a 14 point swing and could have changed the outcome of the game.


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    The ball clearly bounced on the goal line. Also, didn't Udeze come out of the pile with the ball? My question is, why the heck would the referees wait until they uncovered the pile, see that Udeze had the ball, and then call it a touchdown? I just don't understand that.
    I aint seen nothin like that nowhere I never lived.

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    I was at the game and I don't remember that fumble! Huh, I wonder if I had too many beers!!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    I was watching that fumble again on the NFL Network's Game of the Week, and it doesn't seem as cut-and-dry as I first thought.

    Fisher had a hand on the top of it. Is that a touchdown, or enought to signify possession? After that, it seemed to turn into another scrum and I couldn't see where the ball went. Obviously, Fisher only needed to possess the ball for an instant to have a touchdown, so its a lot harder to argue this one than the Ross/Steele fumble.

    I thought, though, that Tice should have challenged that one. He might have gotten it. Too bad he was once bitten, twice shy after wasting his first one.
    Have you ever seen a race of turtles, and they all go the wrong way instead of towards the finish line?

    Welcome to the NFC North.

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