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Thread: Fired

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    Re: Fired

    Quote Originally Posted by "Zeus" #1079376
    marstc09 wrote:
    Zeus wrote:
    Purple Floyd wrote:
    Marrdro wrote:
    marstc09 wrote:
    Marrdro wrote:
    Infidel wrote:
    Before the euphoria gets out of control.....

    Keep in mind.....we still have to play some superb football teams, including a few that we have no chance to beat.

    Next.....Childress has poisoned this team by fostering the creation of opposing factions.

    That will not change quickly.....there have been some emotional clashes and some significant forgiving and forgetting is essential before this team can function as a TEAM!!

    But now, at least, the healing can start.
    Are you a lawyer?

    We have the weakest part of our schedule coming up. I suppose your gonna keep blaming him even after he is gone.

    Absolutely asinine to believe this is a good thing for this club when nothing can be further from the truth.

    Could we get a spark like the Cowgirls did? Sure, but then it only means that we have a bunch of quiters on this team.

    For me, I blame this all on the Noodle. His ass ruined this team. Nothing will ever change my mind on that.

    Childress ruined this team not Favre. He sent the goons down there to get Favre! After hearing Favre in his presser, I am 100% convinced he was done.

    This is the best thing to happen to the Vikings since Favre came aboard.
    Look I had my issues with the Chiller and will be happy to see someone else take over right along with the rest of you, but to sit here and think our team got better today is crazy talk.

    And then to say that the Noodle is gonna keep on helping even makes it crazier.

    In short, the Chiller got an extension last year cause he won with the Noodle and he got shitcanned this year cause he can't win with the Noodle.

    Leslie isn't gonna fix that latter problem. We will still continue to suck on the DL and our QB will still be like a statue back there, that can't hit wide open recievers by the way.
    The team might not be any better because they didn't change the team but the coaching staff just got a hell of a lot better and now they have at least a chance of actually putting together a game plan that the team can win with.

    I have a feeling Frazier will look at Brett and what Chilly was asking him to do and tweak the play book to reduce the mistakes that are being made by the QB which will result in more wins and fewer turnovers.
    Why would a DEFENSIVE coordinator touch the OFFENSIVE playbook one single bit?

    In his first full day as Vikings coach, Les Frazier spent time today sitting in on some of the offensive meetings.
    Which prooves nothing about tweaking the playbook. You do realize that, don't you?

    More info coming out.......but I am sure you will ignore it. You do realize that, don't you? This time it is coming straight from Bevell. HAHAHAHA

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    Re: Fired

    Quote Originally Posted by "Marrdro" #1078757

    On that note, buck up and stand by for heavy seas cause ole Leslie aint gonna make it any better.

    Unless of course he shit cans the Noodle as his first act.
    Looks to me like he made it better already. LMFAO!

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