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Thread: Fire Zimmer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by slavinator View Post
    Im with you guys! Excited about the hire. First coaching hire that I have been excited about since Bud left. I like a little grit and fire out of my coach.
    What he said!
    Why must you defend everything this FO the point of making your self look like a yes man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reignman View Post
    Man did you see that press conference? What a disaster! They need to fire this clown before he embarrasses this proud franchise any further. I mean just what we need, some nervous nelly on the sidelines. Why couldn't he just stand there with his arms folded? That performance was ridiculous. I mean where was the execution and adjustments? Why can't we ever get a coach who can adjust? Lucky he was the only coach up there or he probably would've gotten outcoached too. The only thing missing from that train wreck was cotton mouth and an awkward reach for a bottle of water. Well I hope he's good at looking at the tape and getting things fixed before the next big press conference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bleedpurple View Post
    Yeah couldn't you tell? I was dead serious.

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