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    Finding it hard to bash an offense that scores 31 points

    "dan3ski" wrote:
    "XTAP59" wrote:
    Cant blame the offense.
    Hows about starting at the head coach.
    I totally agree Tice must shoulder the blame, he gets the credit when the Vikings win so he must also take the blame when they lose.
    I honestly don't know where the blame lies. But I will list some food for thought.

    I can't blame an offense that score 24 points(we would all like to have a D that limits the other team to 20 points or less but we don't). But they should have had atleast another drive when we needed it. Penalties have killed us all year. Also if DC is upright and has open WR, he will get them the ball. We have allowed too many sacks on the QB this year. DC has been sacked like the 2nd or 3rd most in the NFL.

    The D did get one TD for us. That is awesome. They gave up the big play also. They also didn't get it done when we needed it in crunch time.

    Play calling???? What was it after the 2 penalties in a row, 1st and 25 or 2nd and 25 and we called a run to Bennett. On 3rd down, we hit Wiggins and he tried to get the first down but came up about 7 yds short, that is the play we should have ran instead of the Bennett run. Bennett did look good on the 2 plays before the penalties but it just wasn't the time.

    It was hard to place blame on one individual unit. I was at the game and enjoyed it completely right up to the end when it turned ugly.

    We just didn't come up with the "one more play" that the team has been talking about since the last GB game.

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    Finding it hard to bash an offense that scores 31 points

    When your are the Minnesota Vikings and have Randy Moss and Daunte Culpepper and your putrid defense scores more than your potent offense in the second half of the NFC North Title game, there is something critically wrong. I am blaming Linehan and Tice for now, however, the lack of enthusiasm shown by our receivers in the second half made we want to puke. Get Marcus Robinson off of this team and if Randy is hurt, put someone else in there - he looked like more of a little baby out there than an injured player.

    Our defense needs to improve, but the Colts defense is horrible and look at their record. The defense will feed off of the offense and we should be able to put up 40 every game. At least our defense has been fairly consistent - they play almost the same all game when the offense comes out in the first half and falls asleep in the second. Im never going to give up on the Vikes because im not one of those freakin bandwagon fans, but i have only been watching for about 7-8 years and I havent seen a team that has wasted so much as we have...coaching is killing us. As dedicated fans, I think we deserve better and some changes better occur in this next week.

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    Finding it hard to bash an offense that scores 31 points

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    F*ck it, I blame the refs!!!

    A good team overcomes any bad calls.

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    Finding it hard to bash an offense that scores 31 points

    Briboy75, good post. You HAVE to play to win, including the calls that go against you. Fire Tice, that is the easy answer. Now the hard question, who you gonna replace him with. And is Tice that bad? How about Linehan? Personally, I think they are both great, but miss sometimes. One problem I see is that they actually listen to this stuff. Tice don't throw the flag, when no one see's the replay until AFTER the PAT. What does he do next game? Throws the red thing around the joint. They get criticized for scoring to soon. What happens? They run on 1st and 25....good call, imo, they shouldn't be playing for it. But man.........who knows? Hindsight is a cake walk. In the line of fire????????

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