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Thread: Finally.....

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    Re: Finally.....

    Under it, around it, on top of it......LOl
    for real.
    So I missed most of live look-ins, I got to see Eraser kicking butt and Fason looking good and Shaun Hill trying to act like Daunte throwing CB's to the ground like a bad hamburger. That's good. the rest of the D look?

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    Re: Finally.....

    "TheAnimal93" wrote:
    "PAvikesfan" wrote:
    hahaha... animal you rock! it was requested that my avatar be smalled...well, i complied... feel.... so.... small....


    feel like a mouse squeeking "It's Clobbering Time!" squeek.


    HOLY SHEEEEIT!!!!!!! :lol: :lol:
    Are ya in there PA??????
    Holy Crap! You have been relagated to Pop-Warner!!! No we cant have that!!! Can somebody help out my man here?

    I see that XXI has trolled his big butt back in here and trolling on the Animal already. Didnt Randy rub his butt in YOUR face last season Packman? LOL. GTF outta here!!! j/k...not really!! HA HA!
    Thanks everyone for having my back when the trolls come a calling and I am out (fixing the old lady's car. :roll

    i am the man in the box...!

    no biggy...i will post the original clobbering time when it is needed!


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