Ok so on the request of dan3ski heres the final list. Im sorry if you didnt get it in on time.

However dont be down, im also thinking of making one for dontarrious thomas for those who didnt get a chance to participate in the first round one.

It will be the second round and it will also be the last one since i dont think webby would want to see all seven rounds.

Heres the final list-7/18/04

Vikings 1st round Draft game (purplepride.org)
renovikesfan ---------- 7/15/04 7:30 PM
vikingstw----------7/18/04 2:00 PM
Semperfi Vike-----7/18/04 3:15pm
sdvikefan----------7/19 2:00 PM
Magicci------------7/19/04 9:30 PM
VikemanX84 ----- 7/20/04 3PM
muchluv------7/21/04 3PM
Casper-------07/21/04 3:15 PM
enlvikeman-------7/21/04 6:00 PM
Purple D-----------7/22/04 10 AM
pepper 0n moss---- 7/22 3:00PM
GreenBaySlackers-----7/22/04 5:26P.M.
CVGVIKE-----7/23/04 5:00 P.M
krjgerm-----------7/25/04 1:00 PM
PhillyVikes---------7/26/04 4:20pm
ItallianStallion--------7/27/1pm PM
jiggyjack------------7/28/04 11:00 AM
Josdin00------------7/28/04 1:30 P.M
VKG4LFE--------7/28/04 2 PM
Vikingspirit--------------7/28/04 3:28 PM
Anglovike---------7/29/04 12:00 AM
little redhead-----7/29/04 11:30 AM
TNTvikesfan------7/29/04 3:00 PM
Skol------------7/29/2004 4:00 p.m.
(vikingman1971---7/29/04 5:30 PM
vikings_fan66------- 7/29/04 9:10 PM
amavikesfan--------8/1/04 9:00 PM
HawaiianVike21---8/2/04 12:00 PM
WYViking-----------8/2/2004 2:00 pm
BigEasyViking-------- 8/04/04 2:00 PM
Dan3ski----------8/5/04 3:15PM
Purplehorn-------8/7/04 11:00 AM
tonytigr29---- 8/12/04 9:00 am
BigDaddy-------8/13/04 6:45pm
Los Angelis--------9/4/04 4:53 AM