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    Re:A few Favre stats to chew on

    whackthepack wrote:
    Goathead50 wrote:
    Here's nice Farve fact. He is 0-3 against the Cowboys in the playoffs. He will choke and be 0-4 after Sunday. Cowboys beat you in '75, they sent you Hershel for 3 '90's Super Bowls and the Cowboys will whip the Viqueens ass on Sunday. Plus Dallas has a Stanley cup with a team you could not support. BAAA HAAA


    The NorthStars sold out everygame the last 5 years they were here and they were one of the hottest duckets in town!

    The owner (Norm Green) was accused of groping his female employees and he fled with the team to Dallass because of the piece of shit he was.

    I hope your Mom and Sister worked for him in Dallas.

    Cowgirls win 1 playoff game in 16 years and think they are the shiit! At least in their minds!
    Guys! Being bated by a Cowboy fan is like trying to discuss physics with a mentally challenged person. Just remember our play will do the talking. All the media people and silly Dallas fans can talk all they want. Whats past is past, this year is different for the Vikes.

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    Re:A few Favre stats to chew on

    For those Cowgirls wanting to talk old stats, just remember that 2 of the top 4 most embarrassing losses by your boys were at the hands of the mighty Vikings

    44-0 Bears in '85
    54-13 Vikings in '70
    48-7 Browns in '60
    43-3 Vikings in '88

    so when the Vikings beat you, we really beat you. See ya Sunday.

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