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"Marrdro" wrote:
They can win despite him being our HC... not because of him.
That is one of those cliche's that just make me giggle.......Seriously, does anyone really believe that players just stand out there and draw stuff in the turf purposely defying the coaching staff?
And those plays, drawn up in the turf actually work out to exploit matchups better than what was sent in by the coaches.......

Yes Marrdro we believe that.
: Although the quoted statement might still be accurate.

Lombardi says that players who have left the Vikings call the Childress version of the West Coast offense a “day-one install,” meaning that it’s very bland and generic stuff.
That’s a far cry from the “kick ass” scheme that Childress promised, and it’s closer in line with the keep-it-close-and-hope-for-a-late-break brand of “Chillyball” that we’ve perceived over the past three years.
This is funny

So that room-temperate bunless hamburger of an offense has landed Childress on a very hot seat.