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This is Marrdro's dream come true.
no, once sharper, longwell and birk go all at once, and Favre gets locked up for a long term contract in NY, tahts his dream come true.
Lol. Marr I hope you are reading this.
You forgot to put TJ back in and Cook at LT like he belongs.
how could I forget...
don't forget to start Mills at FB also as well as get edwards away from LDE, since he's too light.
Just goes to show that you guys do listen.....(Marrdro wipes away tears of joy/pride).

One down, 2 to go..........

(Quick Note:
He did grow on me a bit.
Didn't quite have the disdain I usually have for Ex-Puker players like I do for Sharp.)
Probably because you never saw him anywhere but the bench.

If you never saw him on the field this year, you didn't watch any Vikings games.

Twice he was flagged for personal fouls on ST's play this year & that may have played a part in his demise.

One was during the Lions game where he caught two of his 3 receptions & I don't think he has played since.