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    Feeling for brad...

    I was at the game when the boo's came, i was not one to boo, i feel for brad no one should have to be done like that, i mean no matter how bad things were going, i hope he finds a job somewhere else or something because if this is the end of his career then i would feel horrible for the man.....

    Thanks josdin00

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    Re: Feeling for brad...

    Yeah, it's tought to not feel bad for him.
    I was hoping he would go out strong, a standup guy that played for a pittance this year and things didn't work out.
    I wish him the best.
    A fighter throughout his career.
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Re: Feeling for brad...

    I wasn't happy or sad that he came out, pretty much the whole team has had a rough year.
    I hope he has at least one or two more years in him somewhere.

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    Re: Feeling for brad...

    Ok ok... I wish him well, but I hope it is either in retirement, or with another team.. He hasn't done a dam thing for the Vikings, and that is what it is all about.. I don't feel bad for him, but I wish him the best in his future retirement..

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    Re: Feeling for brad...

    I saw this title of this thread and thought you had a "feeling" for Bard.

    May want to keep that to yourself.

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    Re: Feeling for brad...

    It sucks and Im sure the whole situation could have been handled better by Childress. Instead of pulling him with a minute to go in the third, he should have sat him during half time. He could have atleast saved Brad his dignity and pulled him before all the boos got really bad.

    It had to be done for the good of the team, but it was done in a classless manner by Childress. IMO.

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    Re: Feeling for brad...

    I really felt bad for Brad today. I understand he made alot of poor choices, but it is hard to concentrate when you know that the fans are no longer behind you.

    Friendship is like pissing your pants...
    Everyone can see it,
    But only you can feel its true warmth!!!

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    Re: Feeling for brad...

    Brad had a good career & had some incredible games wearing purple. This season however he seems to be playing with absolutely no intensity or emotion. He gets flustered in the pocket and either makes a terrible throw or just dumps it off underneath.

    The Vikings of 06 are terribly mediocre & need a spark desperately. Had I been Childress I would have done the same. As soon as the game gets to a point, where it is either: "out of reach" or "need a miracle"...make the change. They certainly weren't going to make any miracles happen with Johnson under center.

    Don't forget that the NFL is a "What have you done for me lately"

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    Re: Feeling for brad...

    Self- Proclaimed biggest Brad fan ever here....I have the Washington Brad jersey, the Tampa jersey, the whole works. I do not feel bad for Brad. I felt worse in 1999 when the Vikings shipped off a good young QB. Lets be honest with ourselves, Brad cannot QB our Vikings right now. He is a statue standing behind an O- Line that he cannot get more then 3 seconds from usually. When he does get 3 seconds he has no reciever that can get open. When he throws the ball and it hits Williamson, the ball will bounce off his chest. I was booing the coaches choice to even have Brad in after the first half at all. It was made pretty obivous that the we needed some kind of a spark on O... I think we may have that spark.

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    Re: Feeling for brad...

    Don't feel TOO bad for Brad...he has a Super Bowl ring that he will be able to cherish for the rest of his life!
    He had a good career and now it's pretty much done...he will have a good rest of his don't spend too much time worrying about him.

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