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    Re: Fed-Ex dumps Daunte

    i've never seen an article with more remarks in it than that one...

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    Re: Fed-Ex dumps Daunte

    "mnvikes61" wrote:
    That commercial was one of the worst ones I had ever seen in my life. Not just the Culpepper one either, they all were horrible. :lol: I bet FedEx is just using the boat scandel to get rid of their terrible commericals
    I loved the commercial...Daunte has the best smile ever.

    DCPologirl:Maybe Randy will make Aaron Brooks look better......roflmao Del Rio: I guarantee he will

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    Re: Fed-Ex dumps Daunte

    He is guilty....They don't spend time and energy on innocent people. It's a minor charge and he is guilty. I have no doubt about it. Tons of witness he along with his crew of misfits are guilty!

    I still like PEP he is a cool guy..but he is guilty!

    The rigors of Spartan life. Leonidas is cast out into the wild, and survives the harsh winter to return to his home, when he is crowned King ....a Viking!


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    Re: Fed-Ex dumps Daunte

    "Rookie444" wrote:
    "mvikes84" wrote:
    "kramer9guy" wrote:
    Didn't see this one posted yet...if so, my apologies.

    From Viking Update:

    Fed-Ex Drops Off Daunte

    Viking Update Staff Dec 23, 2005

    The first financial fallout of the October boat scandal has come back to bite Daunte Culpepper as Federal Express has dumped Culpepper from one of its promotional campaigns.

    The fallout of the Vikings boat scandal hit Daunte Culpepper in his wallet -- as Federal Express announced that it is discontinuing ads containing Culpepper from future airing.

    While Culpepper maintains his innocence, this is another sign that the scandal has had national and international implications. On a recent morning radio show, an e-mail was read from a listener in London, who stated the boat scandal has been the butt of jokes as far away as England.

    Culpepper had positioned himself to be not only the face of the franchise, but a marketing spokesman as well. This could be the first sign that, until he is either found not guilty in court or has the charges dropped, Culpepper's cache as a spokesman for companies will be greatly diminished if not destroyed.

    From ESPN:

    Friday, December 23, 2005
    Culpepper spot pullled in wake of 'love boat' charges

    Associated Press

    MINNEAPOLIS -- FedEx Corp. was pulling a television ad with Daunte Culpepper because the Minnesota Vikings quarterback was charged in the team's boat party scandal, according to published reports.

    "Upon learning of the criminal charges, we pulled [the ad] immediately," FedEx spokesman Ryan Furby told the Star Tribune for a story on Friday. "That was the only deal we had with him. There is no ongoing relationship."

    On Friday, a message left with Furby was not returned and FedEx referred questions about the matter to spokeswoman Carla Boyd, who refused to discuss Furby's comment or confirm that the ad was pulled.

    "FedEx considers a variety of factors in determining which advertising spots will run at a given time," she told The Associated Press.

    Culpepper's agent, Mason Ashe, said Friday he was surprised when he first heard the news, and that he received no official word from the company.

    "I'm not sure that he's been dropped," Ashe said. "My understanding is that his commercial has been used on and off as a normal rotation."

    Ashe said he thought Culpepper and FedEx had a good relationship, and said he thought Furby's reaction was "a premature conclusion because there is no evidence."

    Prosecutors charged him on Dec. 15 with three misdemeanors alleging disorderly and lewd behavior. Three other Vikings were also charged.

    Culpepper's attorney, Earl Gray, did not return a phone message left Friday by The Associated Press. Gray has said his client is innocent and will fight the charges.

    Culpepper is recovering from knee surgery after a season-ending injury Oct. 30 in a 38-13 loss at Carolina.
    Hopefully the Vikings will be the next one to dump this loser. The Vikings traded Moss for being a "distraction" and then made Culpooper their "LEADER" and gave him a big raise in pay. Since then Culturnover has done nothing but disappoint and become a bigger "distraction" than Moss ever was. Get rid of this cancer NOW!!!!!!

    dam, you smokin CRACK!!! why get rid of him? cause he had a few good games and was strugglin a little tryin be a pocket passer? if you want to get rid of all players who played poorly some games, we would probably have all new personnel by now. lay of the pipe dogg
    Culfumbler is the one smoking crack. He said he "would be a better QB without Randy Moss". Anyone that would say something that STUPID has to be hitting on the crack pipe big time!!

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