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Thread: Featured back

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    Re: Featured back

    i don't like moore too much. i'm a big fan of onterio, i hope he gets lots of carries. i don't know much about chester, but i hope he gets some carries too

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    Re: Featured back

    I like Memo, he just gets hurt too much. But last season he did show some great vision and some good break away speed. Keep in mind that we had a make-shift O-line last year. Chester is about the same size, lets see how durable he is. He could be like Priest for all we know. (fingers crossed)

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    Re: Featured back

    I would have to agree, i like MEMO as well, he showed a lot of talent last year, but i think he lacks one thing i really like about onterrio smith
    and that is that when he would run he would always seem to fall forward for that extra 2 yards and just seemed so powerful

    but then again i dont know how reliable smith is going to be for a future feature back. and if chester turns out ok then he and memo should be great

    or we could not worry about trading up for a quarterback, take jacobs in the second, and get maroney in the first. i see him doing very well, and if we could get a team with him and memo like he had with barber and the UofM i would be so happy

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    Re: Featured back

    childress has already said several times they expect to give taylor 25+ carries a game

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    Re: Featured back

    I like Memo...

    He got injured once.. And missed like 3 games.. Compared to Bennett, Memo is like a tank.

    I say give Smith a chance, and if he isnt performing after a few weeks.. Memo is the guy.

    And I can say one thing.. I don't want to see Fason on the goaline.
    i m better than you, so just give up...

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    Re: Featured back

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    "UffDaVikes" wrote:
    Does anybody think that the Vikings new coaching staff has more of a chance to go with one main back instead of the running back-by-committee that they have been running since Chuck Foreman retired?
    I like the potential of Onterrio, I also like the way MeMo runs and catches the ball. I know nothing of Taylor. I really don't care who it ends up being, but i hope they pick one guy and make him the every down back. It seems to me that when you switch backs in and out, it makes it harder for the line to adjust to the different cuts, tendencies and speed that each back makes and also the QB needs to think more about where "X" or "Y" RB will be and where to place the ball or where to step so they don't run into each other. Keep one back for relief and in case of injury and bench or trade the third. I knoe injuries happen, but it seems like they are more prone to injury when they are shuffled in and out coming in cold then if they just go out and play
    You forget about Robert Smith??? :shock:

    They still pulled him on third down and used somebody else way too often.

    Leroy Hoard
    Amp Lee
    Scotty Graham
    Moe Williams
    Terry Allen

    Plus he was injured too often.

    IMO Darrin Nelson,Terry Allen,Robert Smith and Michael Bennett are all from a similar mold. Fast but need to get to the outside to be effective and too undersized to take it inside and soften up a defense. I was going to include DJ Dozier, but he was such a flop I couldn't bring myself to do it.

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