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    Re: Wilf willing to suspend players

    "skum" wrote:
    Yeah.. would be wrong to suspend anybody if they are not found guilty.. Cause it will bring the question if the club believe in the accusers instead of the players..
    Exactly if they are found guilty throw the book at them until then - innocent until proven guilty.

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    Re: FBI Won't Pursue Charges In Vikings' Boat Scandal

    Lets hope the count aint going to be before February but is it not the 2. time Mvkinne is in court??

    Thank to Lotza

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    Boat Charges : Smoot, Williams, McKinnie, Culp-- Culpepper?!

    The charges for the infamous 'Sex Boat' are out, and the 4 players that are being charged with 3 Misdemeanors (can serve up to 90 days in jail for each charge) are Fred Smoot (CB) (boys, whatta suprise), Moe Williams (RB), Brian McKinnie (If that is spelled right and he plays (T)), and the franchise player, Daunt Culpepper (QB)

    Is anyone else besides me a bit suprised/shocked that our Culpepper is being involved in these Sex Boat Scandal charges? Of course Pepper denied the charges and said they were so untrue that it wasn't funny. He also said that he is eager to go to court to clean his name and keep his rep strong. But of course, isn't deny something of that sort human nature. I am not saying he is denying because that's the first thing that comes to mind, but I'm just stating opinions.

    I love Culpepper and think that if it wasn't for Mr. Record Breaker last year, Culpepper would no doubt be MVP (4700+ yards, 39 TDs, a QB rating of 110, and a completion percentage somewhere around 55%).
    But one person I have come to dislike is Fred Smoot.

    When I went down to see the Vikes play the Bengals, they were announcing names and numbers for the Vikes as they came out of the gate. I know it's normal to 'boo' the opposing team, but the boo that Smoot got was atleast 3x as worse. I didn't at the time know why he was being booed right then when he was introduced, but I later found out that he was talking stuff to Chad Johnson all week up until warm-ups. And on the second play of the game, Smoot got absolutely BURNED by Chad for a huge yarded TD pass.
    It has also been said that Smoot was the one that arranged the whole boat cruise.

    Personally, Smoot actions is the very last thing we need in the situation we are in now. I think the leader of the Purple D should be left to Sharper because he gives it stableness and agressiveness, much like Brad is doing on the other side of the ball.

    To conclude this all, I just hope Smoot plays ball and doesn't end up becoming an even bigger distraction.
    [size=11pt]"The only thing better than food & football is maybe Brett Favre."


    -John Madden on Thanksgiving while on "Mike & Mike In The Morning"

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    Re: Boat Charges : Smoot, Williams, McKinnie, Culp-- Culpepper?!

    I Dont really think this is a huge deal they wound be charged with anything(like every other Sports stars) becasue they will just pay thier way out of this mess like Kobe and OJ

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    Re: Boat Charges : Smoot, Williams, McKinnie, Culp-- Culpepper?!

    For a guy who went to the Cincinatti game, you should at least know what happened. It was Winfield (and to some extent Sharper), not Smoot who got burned for the long TD pass.

    I am not to happy with all this smoot hating that seems to be going on. If Brian Williams had played at all like he has done in previous seasons, people would be clamoring over Smoot as much as they were in the offseason.

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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    Re: FBI Won't Pursue Charges In Vikings' Boat Scandal

    Vikings Insider:

    [size=18px]Proving innocence could mean proving your teammates' guilt[/size]

    The Vikings charged in the Love Boat scandal face a dilemma. In order to fight the charges in court, they might need their friends to incriminate themselves or others.

    Kevin Seifert
    Last update: December 17, 2005 at 6:48 PM

    Imagine this scenario. It's not as far-fetched as you might think.

    Player A (we'll call him Donnie) believes he is falsely accused of a crime that allegedly occurred in the presence of some 30 teammates. Donnie plans to fight the charges, in open court if necessary, and appears set against a plea bargain that would make the issue disappear and avoid a jail sentence.

    How does Donnie prove his case? By subpoenaing witnesses -- his teammates -- to testify as to his (in)action during the incident in question. Such a request would create a heavy burden. First, those teammates would have to acknowledge their own presence at the incident. And if Donnie believes his identity was mistaken, he would need the true offender to admit guilt in order to exonerate himself.

    A few months later, the whole bunch would be sharing dormitory rooms in training camp. Go team!

    Yes, the fun is only beginning in the Love Boat scandal, which finally produced misdemeanor charges this week for a quartet of Vikings players. At least three of them, including quarterback Daunte Culpepper, plan to fight the accusations. Culpepper, left tackle Bryant McKinnie and cornerback Fred Smoot apparently believe that in the dark and haze of Lake Minnetonka, employees of Al & Alma's either misreported their activities or mistook their identities for someone else.

    The position of the fourth player, running back Moe Williams, is unknown.

    But circumstances have conspired to put Culpepper, McKinnie and Smoot in a no-win situation. They can fall on their swords, accept a plea and move on with their careers. Or they can pursue their constitutional right to due process, in the process creating division in the locker room and a further public airing of lurid details.

    No doubt, some of the tough talk is simply posturing by attorneys who want to maximize their leverage in any plea negotiations. But Culpepper appeared especially adamant in interviews with several media outlets this week, and people inside the organization say his desire to exonerate himself is real and unlikely to wane.

    Of the four players charged, Culpepper has the most to lose. Entering this season, he was one of the NFL's best and most popular players. The Vikings had given him an $8 million raise, he had several national endorsement contracts and there was talk of enhancing his contract further next spring.

    Moreover, Culpepper's easy smile and genial personality gave him a well-deserved reputation as a solid citizen among the usual cast of characters at Winter Park. Although he is accused only of touching a naked woman's rear end during a lap dance, it is understandable why he would fight to maintain a pristine reputation.

    In reality, however, the damage is done. Culpepper, McKinnie and Smoot might well get their day in court. But will a legal ruling change how the average fan views them? In the age of media saturation, the unfortunate answer is probably not.

    If you assume the premise that something happened on those two boats, you realize this: If it wasn't Culpepper, McKinnie or Smoot, then it was other players or perhaps their friends.

    The names of 17 players who allegedly were on the boat have been publicized, and estimates are that another 13-17 participants have gone unnamed. Those players could be in the clear -- unless they are subpoenaed to testify for their charged teammates.

    Worse, they could be asked to admit their own guilt to prove the innocence of another -- which could lead to a defining moment in the Vikings locker room.

    There is no "I" in team. But there is one in "innocent" and "guilty." Sorry boys, but right now it might be every man for himself.

    Kevin Seifert • [email protected]

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: FBI Won't Pursue Charges In Vikings' Boat Scandal

    From the Star Tribune;

    [size=18px]Wilf willing to suspend players, team lawyer says[/size]

    Associated Press
    Last update: December 16, 2005 at 9:22 AM

    An attorney for the Minnesota Vikings said team owner Zygi Wilf will not hesitate to suspend the players facing charges stemming from the October boat trip on Lake Minnetonka.

    The attorney said it doesn't matter to Wilf if the suspensions affect the team in the playoffs. He said Wilf will do "the right and honorable thing.'

    But the attorney would not give a timetable for when Wilf might act.

    Four players are facing charges of indecent conduct, disorderly conduct and lewd behavior. They will appear in court Jan. 5.

    The charges facing Daunte Culpepper, Bryant McKinnie, Fred Smoot and Moe Williams are misdemeanors. They all face a maximum of 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine for each of the three counts.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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