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Before any one gets too suicidal about today's rumors, think about this:

Eagles fan will ever forget Brett Favre floating the football skyward and right to a waiting Brian Dawkins on his first pass of overtime at the Linc in 2003.

No Giants fan will forget Corey Webster picking off Favre’s first pass of overtime in the 2007 NFC Championship Game at Lambeau Field.

And no Saints an will ever forget Favre’s final pass of the 2009 season on Championship Sunday.

Favre is one of the best pure passers in NFL history, but his legacy has been tarnished by his penchant for unthinkable end-of-game interceptions in the postseason.

Favre’s ridiculous pass in the closing seconds of the fourth quarter in the Vikings’ NFC Championship Game loss to the Saints Sunday, this one picked off by Tracy Porter, is only the latest piece of evidence that Favre’s playoff performance this decade is among the worst by a quarterback in NFL history.

Favre has now lost seven of his last 11 postseason games, and he’s thrown 19 interceptions in those seven losses – nearly three per game. You can make a case that his late-game playoff interceptions have cost his team two – and perhaps three – trips to the Super Bowl since 2003.

A Hall of Famer? Definitely. A dreadful postseason quarterback this decade? No doubt. Let’s take a look inside the ol’ gunslinger’s playoff numbers:

• Favre has been the losing quarterback in three of the NFL’s last six postseason overtime games, and he’s thrown a devastating interception on his final pass attempt in all three games. There have only been four overtime conference championship games in history, and Favre has lost two of them – one for the Packers, one for the Vikings.

• Only 19 quarterbacks during the past decade have had more than one playoff game with multiple interceptions. Favre has had five. He’s 0-5 in those games.

• In his career, Favre has had nine multiple-interception playoff games. He is 1-8 in those games. Only Dan Marino (10) has more in NFL history.

• Favre has been laughably bad in his six playoff losses this decade. He’s got a 58.6 passer rating in those games, with nearly twice as many interceptions (17) as touchdown passes (nine).

• Favre’s .400 postseason winning percentage this decade (4-6) ranks him 22nd out of the 27 quarterbacks who started at least five postseason games between 2000 and 2009. Here’s the top five and the bottom five:

Top 5
.800 … Ben Roethlisberger (8-2)
.778 … Tom Brady (14-4)
.625 … Jake Delhomme (5-3)
.600 … Kurt Warner (6-4)
.571 … Rich Gannon (4-3)
.571 … Eli Manning (4-3)

Bottom 5
.333 … Jeff Garcia (2-4)
.333 … Chad Pennington (2-4)
.333 … Steve McNair (2-4)
.400 … Brett Favre (4-6)
.400 … Michael Vick (2-3)

Since 1960, some 44 quarterbacks have started at least seven postseason games in any particular decade. Favre’s 4-6 record from 2000-2009 is second-worst of those 44 single-decade performances, ahead of only Billy Kilmer’s 2-5 record with the Redskins in the 1970s.

Here are the best and worst QB postseason decades:

Top 5
.900 … Bart Starr (9-1), 1960-69
.833 … Len Dawson (5-1), 1960-69
.800 … Ben Roethlisberger (8-2), 2000-09
.800 … Jim Plunkett (8-2), 1980-89
.778 … Tom Brady (14-4), 2000-09
.778 … Terry Bradshaw (14-4), 1970-79

Bottom 5
.429 … Neil O’Donnell (3-4), 1990-99
.429 … David Krieg (3-4), 1980-89
.429 … Bernie Kosar (3-4), 1980-89
.417 … Dan Marino (5-7), 1990-99
.400 … Brett Favre (4-6), 2000-09
.286 … Billy Kilmer (2-5), 1970-79

• It wasn’t a playoff game, but Favre’s final pass in his one year as a Jet was picked off by Andre’ Goodman of the Dolphins at the Miami 25-yard-line with the Jets down seven after blowing a third-quarter lead.

Favre threw three interceptions in that game. But that didn’t cost the Jets a playoff spot. Favre had already done that by going 1-4 in the Jets’ last five games, in which he had two TDs and nine INTs.
So let's take a look at the top 5 as you call them in a different light.
That would be how many years they played and how many times they took their teams to the playoffs.

Top 5
.900 … Bart Starr 16 years, Playoffs 6 years .375
.833 … Len Dawson 13 years, Playoffs 5 years .385
.800 … Ben Roethlisberger 6 years, playoffs 4 years .666
.800 … Jim Plunkett 15 years, Playoffs 4 years .266
.778 … Tom Brady 9 years, playoffs 7 years .777
.778 … Terry Bradshaw 13 years, playoffs 9 years .692

Favre 18 years, playoffs 12 years .666

It's easy to sit and pick stats for players over a Decade. Lets look at a 10 year period.

Trent Dilfer 1996-2006 5-1 .833
Brad Johnson 1996-2006 4-3 .571
John Elway 1988-1998 10-4 .714
Joe Theisman 1975-1985 6-2 .750

See how easy that is to do. It's to bad that Dilfer was written off because he had one playoff game in 97 and 4 in 2000. That makes him ineligible according to your standards. He didn't play 5 games in a decade selected.