"tastywaves" wrote:
"Jereamiah" wrote:
"Jereamiah" wrote:
Favre in Viking form.
Winter of my discontent.
Makes me want to puke.

Clearly, my Hiaku is the best. I followed the rules. 5,7,5. I also cleverly included (also a rule) a season. Notice how the mention of "winter" clearly defines and outlines the bleak, dead feeling that Favre in Purple would impose upon me. Also, the mention of a physical reaction is also common in the Hiaku format.
Yes, looks like you nailed it Jeremiah.
Does this work?

Lord Favre a vike
Never ending north winter
Bites me in the ass
Change "Vike" to "Viking" and you've hit it! Adds the extra syllable. ;D Nice imagery though.