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[/gross overreaction]
Yeah, this thread is a bit silly, but did it really require 334 words to say that? lulz.
Apparantly, I thought it did, or I wouldn't have posted what I did.

And I wasn't just ranting about THIS particular post, I wsa going after all the posts just like it that have popped up in the past few days.
The alleged "SPLIT LOCKER ROOM" (that's probably 2 guys griping), and the overexamination of every nuance of...well...everything...it just comes off as people desperately trying to find mud.

Heck, if you want to talk about his age, his arm, his play, or his retired/unretired shenanigans, knock yourself out.
Those are all a matter of record, and have been bandied about forever.
But let's not sink to the point where we dissect each word, and the pronunciation of each syllable, with a one sided agenda.
And save the fashion critiques for Vogue magazine.

Your post about "that's probably 2 guys griping" is as much speculation as the people saying the locker room is split.

Also, you overexamined more than anyone else.
No, my "2 guys" post was a sarcastic retort.
I have no idea how many are allegedly split...but neither does anyone else, and that's what makes this all so comical.

And what exactly did I over examine?
I took a look at yet another post describing yet another reason for there to be yet another controversy - real or imagined - and I replied.
Didn't require too much examination.

But by all means keep stirring the pot.