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    Favre sells, Minnesota benefits

    Favre sells, Minnesota benefits

    I know that Mar will go into shock and withdrawl with out some news on the Noodle.

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    Re:Favre sells, Minnesota benefits

    For the critics who say he is tarnishing his legacy, his legacy may have an important asterisk next to it. While history will remember him as a Packer, his time with the Vikings is at such a point of critical mass with the stadium and future of the organization at stake. If his role is helping the Vikings secure a new stadium and keep the NFL in Minnesota, that may be as big an accomplishment as winning a Super Bowl over the Patriots.

    It may be years down the line, but there is sure to be a movie made on Favre’s life – my suggested title is “The 40-Year-Old Version”, the epic tale of an aging quarterback who leads the Vikings to the Lombardi Trophy that has eluded them for 50 years. If that is tarnishing his legacy, leave the good silver out in the rain and keep the tarnish coming.

    Love it!

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