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    Favre is Right; Packers Fan Should 'Get Over It'

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    Re: Favre is Right; Packers Fan Should 'Get Over It'

    "singersp" wrote:
    Thanks for the read my friend.

    Still a part of me that sits back and says to myself....."Self, this whole thing was a plan set in motion by the Chiller and our current QB 2 years ago".

    I am 100% convinced that we were meddling with him during the offseason with the goal of getting him on our team in 2008, not 2009.
    Problem is, TT was to smart for us and traded him to the Jets in an effort to stop that, which by the way he did.

    I am also 100% convinced that he only played for the Jets last year cause he knew that if he didn't, he wouldn't get to be a Viking this year.
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    Re: Favre is Right; Packers Fan Should 'Get Over It'

    "singersp" wrote:
    Already posted in the Packers-Vikings pre-game articles thread that you created.


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