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    Favre bonehead play

    these fuchin' announcers can suck my ass... favre throws past the line of scrimmage and the announcers get a big hoot out of saying... wow, he just ment to do that! dumbasses... anyway, longwell missed it. we are gold right now...packers are lead.


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    Favre bonehead play

    You beat me to it. I posted this as a topic as well.

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    Favre bonehead play

    If Culpepper did the same thing, they would be like, " Oh man what a boneheaded play by Culpepper..this might hurt the Vikes." These announcers and refs can suck my butt too

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    Favre bonehead play

    NO NO NO....Culpepper would not be a pussy and he would of ran over three defenders to get in the endzone. I love seeing Favre get hammered!!! Made me all warm and fuzzy!

    oh yeah....packer fans... :bootyshake:

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    Favre bonehead play

    Just shows how far Favre will go to avoid contact.
    That wussy play(which he laughed about)probably cost his team more than he thought.

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