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    Farve playing well......NOT!

    With time still left in the third quarter Farve has been picked 3 times I know his back-up is hurt but I still wonder if he is ok and if he should have started this game.
    can we clone Bud Grant?

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    Farve playing well......NOT!

    Probably shouldn't have played. Looks like his receiving crew is a bunch of idiots too. Noone seems to be running the right routes at all.

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    Farve playing well......NOT!

    Apparently he still has some moments left, with his 57 yarder, even though it amounted to O :lol:

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    Farve playing well......NOT!

    hey PhxFan, greetings from another Phoenician who bleeds purple!!

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    Farve playing well......NOT!

    Not to argue too much, but to be honest, there was no defense, and no running game. Favre was literally carrying the team (again), and his INTs are to be expected when there's no running game to respect.
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