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    Re: Is it to far fetched

    "sweetness34" wrote:
    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    "sweetness34" wrote:
    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    "sweetness34" wrote:
    Quote Originally Posted by UkViking
    With the Vikes ,expect the unexcpected .They are playing some consistent football now and if BJ and the running game continue well, who knows where we will end up.

    Here is how consistent the vikings have been.

    Their 6 wins have come against opponents with a combined 22-44 record. Only the giants had a winning record, and even viking fans know how lucky they were in that game.

    Their 5 losses were handed to them by teams with a combined record of 38-17. They were outscored in these games 157 to 47. Even the Bears offense scored 28 on you guys.

    You guys beat the bad teams, and get spanked by the good teams. So why should we expect the unexpected?
    You got beat by the Browns, we beat them. We beat the Giants who are not a bad team.

    Please rethink and then answer.
    We also beat the bucs and the panthers... oh and you(28-3 i might add) so your point is...???
    My point is you are bashing us for not beating a good team when we did.

    Also, the point is that you are missing it.

    The Bears will flop, we are just waitng for it to happen.
    I wasn't "bashing" the vikings at all. I stated the facts that you win the games your expected to win, and lose the games your expected to lose(except the giants). So I was asking what have the vikings done this year to make me expect the unexpected?
    In the last four games, we have improved immensely on defense in terms of playing as a cohesive fact, I have seen it written that our run defense ranks second only to your Bears in that time span...that is what you should see that will make you expect the unexpected...because you guys aren't going to beat us via the pass and we are much better equipped to stop your rushing our own rushing attack is much improved along with a much more stable offensive line to block for them. Brad Johnson has eliminated the mistakes that Culpepper was making by forcing the action earlier in the year, so the turnover ratio will shift in our favor...and we all know how much that can turn the tide of games. I think that you guys have a little tougher schedule than us before we meet on New Year's Day, so it is conceivable that your defensive stats will rise somewhat while ours will continue to shrink...this means that our defenses will be much closer in performance level when we play each other at the end of the season. Which could lead to one heck of a game on New Year's Day...the NFC North Bowl, if you will...LOL!

    For what it's worth, I don't think that you were bashing the Vikes and I certainly don't consider you a are calmly attempting to make your points as to why you think that the Bears will eventually triumph over the Vikes...I think that you are wrong...but I do appreciate that we don't have to resort to namecalling and the like...ignore the few that want to call all opposing fans trolls...the rest of us will call them out if they get too irrational. Welcome to our is good to be able to debate with other fans about the merits of our respective teams!

    BTW, Sweetness is one of my all-time most respected players...he played with grace and skill and is sorely missed....even if he made my Vikings lives he!! two Sundays every season...he was definitely one opponent that I respected every time he stepped on the field to play my team...and today's players could learn alot from his example! Good choice for a screen name!!! :grin:

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    Re: Is it to far fetched

    "whiteboy" wrote:
    let's not feed the troll
    He is not a troll nor is he trolling.

    There is a huge difference and he is going about this the right way. Even though we may not agree with him, his is being intelligent about this.

    Careful how we throw the "troll" label around.

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