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Thread: Fantasy Pick

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    Fantasy Pick

    Daunte all the way. Dominick Davis was an excellent pick for me

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    Fantasy Pick

    "ItalianStallion" wrote:
    Here is my question last season I had Peyton Manning, Ahman Green and Priest Holmes, who would you keep?
    Priest Holmes. Peyton could have an off year where he throws a ton of INT's (2002), and Priest scores and gets the ball more than Ahman.
    Take Priest.

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    Fantasy Pick

    Yeah, I would have to say Priest Holmes too. He has the Lord on his side for cryin' out loud!

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    Fantasy Pick

    I'm gonna go with Daunte for a couple reasons:

    1)He's a Viking, and we will be doing much more on offense than the pack will this year.

    2)Daunte's a running QB so you get his passing yards and TD's and his Rushing yards and TD's.

    3)Ahman Green may not have as much success running the ball this year since teams know that he is the Packers strongest player and will probably spend a lot of time with 7 or 8 players in the Box.

    4)Who wants to have a packer on their team...I mean cummon m'aaaannnnn!

    DAUNTE ALL THE WAY DUDE... I'M not just telling you to, but I'm gonna have him as my #1 QB again this year too! With C-pepp to Moss you can't lose.

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    God Bless America, & the MINNESOTA VIKINGS!!!

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    Re: Fantasy Pick

    "bigdogbovy" wrote:
    I can reserve one player from last years fantasy team.

    I have to choose between

    Ahman green


    Daunte Culpepper

    Who do you choose? and Why

    Here is what I put on the other site you asked this question, in case you didn't see it.

    Fantasy football is all about one position, RB. A rule of thumb I use in my leagues is, draft one more good RB than you can start. If you can start 2, draft 3 good ones early in the draft, I suggest using the first 3 rounds. I did this last year and killed in my league. I was in an 8 team league and had the 6th pick. I took priest holmes(before anyone knew if he was 100% healthy) then ahman green with the 11th. I used my 3rd round pick on stephen davis. These 3 RB's are the reason why I won my league period. Let everyone else waste their early picks on WR's, QB's and good D's and TE's, and get yourself a good RB corp. You can always find WR's and QB's late in the draft or in FA. Yes Daunte is a great fantasy QB, with his rushing stats, but the difference in the #1 fantasy QB and the #10 QB is way less points than the difference in the #1 RB and the #10 RB. The RB position is usually 10-15 deep with good RB's and if you can get 2 or 3 of them, you will have a good team, and also hurt your opponents chance of having more than one good RB.

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