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Thread: fantastic site!

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    fantastic site!

    check out the jokes section, images can send those no prob....postcard section will be back up soon...

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    fantastic site!

    "VKG4LFE" wrote:
    Is the water warm cuz you pissed in it casper? just kidding!
    ops: you are always telling all my secrets :roll: I sure as hell am not going to be in cold water if it's not warm or hot water I am in then somthing is wrong 8)
    Yesterday is History
    Tomorrow a Mystery
    TODAY is a GIFT that is why WE
    call it the "PRESENT"

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    fantastic site!

    Welcome, transplanted! Good to see there are SOME smart people from Wisconsin! :lol:

    I have some Packer fan friends from Wisconsin, and I also have some Green and Gold fan friends from right here in MN (Richfield), and I must say, there are both types of fans in both states, so WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Q: Why doesn't Iowa have a professional football team?
    A: Because then Wisconsin would want one too!

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: /

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    fantastic site!

    Welcome to our site! :salute:

    It's always good to have another die-hard Vikings fan on this site.

    I love this site too, keep up the good work Webby!

    SKOL transplantedvikingfan! :cheers:
    Go Vikings!

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