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    Fans: Tough to play favorites

    [size=13pt]Fans: Tough to play favorites[/size]

    Last update: September 07, 2006 – 6:32 PM

    At a recent Vikings preseason game, an intrepid reporter stormed the Metrodome plaza in search of truth, justice and some cold, hard facts. In a very unscientific manner, the reporter asked 10 fans to name their favorite current Vikings player.
    Not surprisingly, seven players received votes. Quarterback Brad Johnson was the winner with three votes, followed by center Matt Birk, now-traded tackle Adam Goldberg, safety Darren Sharper, tight end Jim Kleinsasser, quarterback Tarvaris Jackson and linebacker Chad Greenway.

    Only Keith Francis of St. Cloud demurred.

    "It's a team game," Francis said, adding that, if anything, coach Brad Childress was his favorite Viking. Francis' wife, Rebecca, chose Goldberg because of a community appearance he made near their home.

    Cindy Lund of Eagan chose Kleinsasser because "he's a steady player, and he wasn't on the boat," a reference to last fall's infamous party on Lake Minnetonka.

    Jesse Kottner, also of Eagan, named Sharper.

    "He came to us from Green Bay," Kottner said. "So when he made the Pro Bowl last year, that let us rub it in the nose of every Packers fan out there."


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    [size=11pt]So, who is your favorite Vikings player & why?[/size]

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    Re: Fans: Tough to play favorites

    Matty Birk, because he proves that bulk and athleticism only get you so far. To be truly great, you've gotta be smart as a whip. Not to mention the fact that he's a heckuva good guy.

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    Re: Fans: Tough to play favorites

    this is really a hard one as the one person said, it is a team and it takes the whole team to win games, but if i had to choose one player, that would be brad johnson he is one of the smartest and most accurate qb's in the league, he will move the offense down the field and keep our defense fresh for when they come in..but then again, you have the offensive line that protects brad, so very hard to only choose one

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    Re: Fans: Tough to play favorites

    Mine is either Darren Sharper or Brad Johnson..

    Darren Sharper dissed the packers on "Jim Rome is burning", and was awesome for us last year.. and Brad is just Brad.. i love the way he plays!!


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    Re: Fans: Tough to play favorites

    I'll tell you this.. If Minnesota's defense ranks in the top 10 this season, my favorite Viking will be Mike Tomlin..

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    Re: Fans: Tough to play favorites

    I'd say now it's probably Fat Pat.

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    Re: Fans: Tough to play favorites

    Matt Birk...he went to Harvard.

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    Re: Fans: Tough to play favorites

    I think I'll have to hold off to claim a cut-and-dry favorite, but here are a few cantidates:

    -Erasmus James: I started liking this guy as soon as he laid out Ron Mexico.

    -B-Rad Johnson: How can you dislike a QB with a 60% completion rate over the last 9 years?

    -Darren Sharper: He's an easy fan-fav.

    -E.J. Henderson: If he continues to play like he did in the preseason, he'll be on the top of a lot of people's lists.

    -Chris Kluwe: Yeah, yeah... He's a punter, but a d@mn good one.

    -T-Jax: Someday he's gonna be everyone's favorite.

    So far, I'm liking the D as a whole. Le's wait and see who emerges as playmakers, and revisit this thread in a few weeks.

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    Re: Fans: Tough to play favorites

    TJack for me, only because of the potential he's shown and the excitement he brought to the field in the first couple pre-season games.

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    Re: Fans: Tough to play favorites

    Last year my favorite players were Pep, Williamson, Burleson, and Chavous.


    There is no more choosing more than one favorite player for me. I'm putting all my money into a guy who will hopefully be here for a while. Williamson.
    "I hate when threads are destroyed by facts and logic."
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    Thanks Josdin!

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