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    Relax, it's just football.

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    Quote Originally Posted by singersp View Post
    Favre was healthy enough coming into 2010. The difference was we were without the services of Rice & he wasn't enthused about playing for Childress.
    So his ankle that was uncomfortable to walk on didn't affect his conditioning at all? I think I recall Steve Mariucci saying the year before with the shoulder problems Favre was jogging and his cardio was good but with the ankle none of that happened, but that's just what I think I recall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodyHorns82 View Post
    Rice and Shank are fine as long as they have a HOF QB playing the best ball of his life tossing them the football.
    Shanc did fine the year before the Noodle got here.

    Not sure why everyone is so suprised by what the offense looked like last week. Some yutz has been trying to tell all of you that it would look that way since Musgrove was tapped to be the O-coord.

    Not to worry, that same yutz has also told you that the passing attack will evolve. Not to the point of "3 Deep" but we will have some success with deep passes, but it isn't gonna come all in one day my friends.

    Again, this team will look alot like the 2008 team by the end of the year.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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