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    Re: a mistake

    "WBLVikeBabe" wrote:
    What I don't get is supposedly they had been practicing that play for some time, so why wasn't Moss where he was supposed to be, why didn't he know what was going on?? Is that his mistake or a coaching mistake?
    I gotta go with Odin on this. It's a coaching issue. Apparently Cory Withrow didn't know the fake was on so he went onto the field in his normal position for a field goal. Moss saw there were 11 on the field and came off confusedly. The blame has to go to Rusty Tillman for not communicating with his players.

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    The "fake" field goal

    If you heard Mike Tice's explanation, apparently there was an extra lineman in there, not realising it was a fake. Regardless of who the chump was, it comes down to coaching. Special teams coach Rusty should be the one taking the heat, not Moss.

    Also did you notice how the Fox coverage of the game kept focussing on Moss walking off the field to give the perception that he just quit, when he was motioned by Tice (who was 6 ft away from him) to come off!

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    The "fake" field goal

    yea... it was smart of moss to get off, in the sense that he avoided a penalty.. the fault goes to the extra lineman on that one... just shows how much the media loves to hate moss

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