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    F*ck Da Pack!!!!!!!!

    All I want for X-mas is the Vikings to win the North, and Farve to cry on X-mas eve!!!!!! I hate the Pack, time for all of us to rally for our Vikes and send those Packers crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SKOL Vikings!!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas all (even Packer fans!)

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    F*ck Da Pack!!!!!!!!

    I can you wish a "Merry Christmas" while at the same time exclaiming "fornicate [b/c I don't curse] da Pack"? In how much of a Christmas spirit are you really in, lad? Have I (Packer Backer) once said anything negative about your boys? I've always been nice to them Vikings. Always treated you people w/ the most respect. Now, I'm hurt :cry: (not good to get Bono's blood boiling), and all cheesed out. It's war now. :argue:
    Packers: stick your cheese right where it'll freeze in the Vikings.
    BonoSugaRay IS Betamethasone Dunkin

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