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    Eyedea's Week 14 Preview

    Up untill this week the wildcard playoff seemed to be a long shot, as we needed alot of help, but after we won our 5th straight and someother key losses to other teams (see below), we are tied for the wild card. the news is not so good for the division, as teh bears win again, this time agaisnt the packers.

    This week we face teh struggling rams, with a very poor defense, and a rookie QB. we should be able to make it 6 straight at home.

    Keys to the game
    -- the keys always include run teh ball, protect johnson, and don't give away the ball

    -- take an early lead. force the rams to pass teh ball. i really liked the call to start the game last week (although it put our defense back on the field after one play), maybe another call in this week may be good

    -- help whoever blocks little. he is their major pass rusher and will likely go up against rookie marcus johnson, unless he gets benched. expect klinesauser and others to help out johnson. This will be a big matchup in this game

    --although it is always a key, stopping the run is very important. last week the rams got away from running early, and put the ball in their rookie qb starting his first game. i would be very surprised if they did not run the ball alot, so it going to be very important for us to stop the run, even without k. williams

    --use blitzing and different coverages to confuse fritzpatrick. he is a rookie, third string qb, we need to confuse him and allow him to make mistakes

    prediction: I dont see how we lose this game, unless we have fumbles/ints on offense and we cannot stop steven jackson. I dont see that happening so I see us winning easly-- 24-13

    Playoff Picture
    last week:
    the bears, bucs (stupid brooks cant not throw picks in the red zone...), gaints, all won in games we wanted them to loose. but the falcons won where we wanted them to. so all in all it was a decent week...

    This week:
    Bears AT Steelers
    -- we want teh steelers to win so we can win the divison, but if the bears win, the steelers would be 7-6 and nearly out of the playoffs. this could make next week matchup easier for us, but we would rather have them win

    Bucs AT Panthers
    -- if the bucs lose and we win we would be tied, while if they won, we would still be behind the panthers.

    Gaints AT Eagles
    -- long shot here, but if the gaints lose and we win, we would be one game back, but we do have the tie breaker over them.

    Chiefs AT Cowboys
    -- we come in tied with the cowboys, but they have a tougher game this week agianst the chiefs, comming off a big win against denver. hopefully they can keep it going

    Saints AT Falcons
    --another long shot here, the saints had a chance at beating the bucs, but brooks thew four picks. we are tied with ATL this week, and will likley remain tied.
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    Re: Eyedea's Week 14 Preview

    * correction, if we win and teh gaints lose, we would be tied (and we have the tiebreaker)
    Make love to the present, fuck the past
    --Sage Francis

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    Re: Eyedea's Week 14 Preview

    Thanks for breaking that down on on here. I have heard it on the TV before but without reading it just seems to confuse me! so its greatly appreciated :lol:

    "I choose my company by the beating of their hearts, not the swelling of their heads"

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    Re: Eyedea's Week 14 Preview

    We have a long way to go this season and we need to just take care of business and everything else will hopefully fall into place.

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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